What our clients value most is their reputation, and they know that when partnering with The Dagaz Group, explosive and organic growth never comes at the cost of quality. Large companies trust us to take their products or services into emerging markets and capture quality customers, leading them to a long-term increase in profitability. Our brand consulting efforts include creating and managing new sales channels, enhancing current market share penetration, and re-positioning new or sub performing products.



This, by far, is one of our most profitable services. When we take on the responsibility of building and managing the growth of new and current sales channels on our clients' behalf, event promotion is a large part of that strategy.  We conduct branded promotional events that are targeted towards the acquisition of our clients' ideal customers. Our knowledgeable, friendly, and high-energy team is known for delivering consistent results no matter the goal. Contact us to learn more about event promotion services with The Dagaz Group.



Our unique business model is designed to aggressively capture new markets on our clients’ behalf because we know timing matters. With The Dagaz Group team, you will always stay ahead of the competition. No matter how far or fast technology advances, nothing can or will replace the value of a handshake or face-to-face introduction. For that reason, we will always be protected from globalization and technological obsolescence. Holding a reputation of consistent execution makes us top of mind for our new and existing clients. 



We believe that internal and organic growth is the only way to protect our interconnected culture and values. The new-age values of the entrepreneur are instilled into our culture in order to teach our team that their career and their future is owned by them. Everyone within our organization has earned their stripes and achieved their position through effort, not entitlement. Our executive team is here to provide the tools and on-going training for our team to have as much success as they are willing to work for. 



The Dagaz Group executive team comes from a diverse background.  Together, we decided that a value integral to our culture needed to be the ongoing and high-level coaching of our team. We attribute much of our continued success to this philosophy. Not only does our team receive coaching to enhance their skills necessary to build and manage the brand of our clients, but additionally, they are trained, indefinitely, on how to be more effective as team members and developing leaders. We know better than they do that they are the future of our company.



We believe in cultivating our team with a true belief in entrepreneurship.  Our team is not treated like employees, and that is the most significant reason we are able to consistently achieve peak performance.  The Dagaz Group is a team of like-minded, ambitious, self-motivated individuals who are capable of functioning with complete autonomy or together as a team. We strive to inspire leaders through our mission and values instead of motivate followers.