We work hard to cultivate a positive, fun, and engaging environment. Our team knows all contributions are valued and encouraged; as learning can and should come from anyone and everyone.  With a focus on self-development and team accomplishment, we have a culture uniquely defined by a mix of healthy competition and intense ambition for progress. Our leaders define our culture. Our culture creates our behaviors. Our behaviors define our results.

The Dagaz Group Values

RELENTLESS EFFORT: The way we measure “hard work” is by the amount of time you spend in overtime. It is not your daily expectations, more so, how did you go the extra mile?

INTEGRITY: Ask yourself, would you be proud of your actions if your hero, or someone you highly respect, was shadowing you today?  We are impeccable with our word, we do what we say, and we take pride in everything that we put our mark on.

SELF DEVELOPMENT: We continue to sharpen and expand our skills so that we are always adding more value to the team than we’re taking. It starts with YOU! Your ability to self-develop is directly correlated to your ability to impact others.

CONSISTENCY: It’s not yesterday, or “that one time”, that counts; it’s what we do day in and day out that matters. In the words of Dave Anderson, “Every day means every day.”

INTERCONNECTION: Everything that we say, do, do not say or do not do affects the team in one way or another. Though it may be consciously or subconsciously, we are fully aware that our actions (or lack thereof) impact other people and that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.

BE AN ENERGY MAKER VS AN ENERGY TAKER: We expect every member of The Dagaz Group to bring energy, not drain it, no matter what their role on the team is.

EXTREME OWNERSHIP: From executives to new-hires, our team realizes that their future, their development, and their career is nobody else’s responsibility than their own. We all take total responsibility for their decisions, actions, and results.

THE X-FACTOR: Everyone has a unique quality that sets them apart from others and we leverage those strengths at The Dagaz Group. That is the X-Factor that will give our team, our clients, and our firm the edge over the competition.