About Us



The "Dagaz" is the ancient rune of awakening - new possibilities and new opportunities as others fade away. We define ourselves and our culture with bold change and new beginnings for our clients and our team. The Dagaz symbol is also that of balance and harmony. We ingrain these beliefs into our culture at the deepest level. It is the foundation of our team and our culture.



The Dagaz Group is a brand consulting firm based in Chicago, IL. We are highly sought after by large corporations who are looking to improve their overall brand recognition and customer base in, what they consider to be, new and emerging markets. Our strategy is simple, yet, effective; connect their brand with their target demographic through personal interactions with our professionally trained team.


At The Dagaz Group we are evolving the fundamental principle of entrepreneurship. We are committed to equipping our team with an entrepreneurial mindset and a multitude of skills that will prepare them to leading successful business operations. Additionally, we have mastered a business model that reduces financial risk, for both aspiring entrepreneur and potential investing clients, and leads to high profit margins.

The Dagaz Group Recognized


Named Best of Des Plaines 2019

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The Dagaz Group has been named one of Chicago's Best & Brightest Companies to work for in 2019! Congratulations to the entire team on this recognition!